Custom Bathroom Vanities in Ottawa

Custom Vanities and Cabinets

Manotick Kitchen and Bath offers a vast selection of vanities. We work together with you to create your custom bathroom cabinets. As the industry changes rapidly, we too are consistently improving and updating to provide you with top quality products.
Manotick Kitchen and Bath offers a multitude of different door styles for your vanity so that you are sure to find one that suits your home and personal taste perfectly. Your door options range from hard wood selections, such as maples, oaks and cherry to exotic choices such as African Mahogany. We also have lacquers and laminates. With sustainable options such as Bamboo available as well.
We have all the latest styles and materials available to help you select the best vanity for your bathroom remodeling project. Whether you are looking for high end luxury or renovating a small powder room, we can guide you on making the best decisions for your space.